Le Marche is one of those magical places that leaves you feeling slightly peeved you hadn't visited sooner. Full of lush green countryside it really is as emerald in colour as the friendly and enthusiastic locals claim. It's enchanting with a totally varied landscape combining every wonderful feature Italy has to offer, the hilly countryside to a long coastline extending along the Adriatic Sea for about 180 km alongside dramatic mountains views.

We cannot thank you enough Paola. I know that every couple you will work with will be so lucky to have you involved in their day.
Katy and Jamie

You are wonderful. You worked so hard. You did such a perfect job. It was exactly what we wanted it to be and keep being told how lovely it was.
Cat and Tom

Beautifully unique, authentic weddings organised exactly how your heart desires in a stunning part of Italy.

The region of Le Marche has it all; from stunning medieval hilltop towns to elegant palazzos, beautiful churches and sunflower drenched fields. Le Marche offers a picture perfect backdrop to your special day. Endless choices from the very chic to the traditional; a range of enviable locations; beautiful onsite accommodation; incredible food and wine sourced locally by your Italian wedding planner (who knows all the local secrets).

Imagine warmth, perfumed air: you and your new husband sipping wine, looking out over your guests enjoying an exquisite meal and the perfect view that stretches out behind them… 

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Wedding le Marche's team loves photography. It is such a great part of life. 

"This special message is meant as a thank you to all the photographers who we have been lucky enough to work with over the years.Thank you for catching so many lovely moments with such warmth and candor" . 

from Paola 


Aurelio Biocchio Aquilino Rampichini Carlo Carletti Cinzia Bruschini 

Daniele Maurizi  Luca Giustozzi Vanessa Illi

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